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In Tune With the Best New Real Estate Listings

A realtor’s ability to tap into upcoming real estate properties and share that awareness with their clients is a vital tool to have at their disposal. Knowing the ever changing availability of everything from commercial prospects, general properties for sale, new property launches and more means that they can react to their client’s needs in an instant. RBK Realty has their finger on the pulse of all new real estate developments and is a reliable source for up to the minute information on new real estate listings in the Philippines.

Expert Solutions

RBK is truly full service, working in both commercial and residential properties, offering you a broader range of property listings. Because of our knowledge of and involvement with both markets, we make it our business to stay in tune with new property developments in both areas, whether it’s a residential development or office park. This allows us to be of the best possible assistance to you, because we are tracking all of the new properties that could satisfy your interest and focus.

Local Knowledge With Expert Experience

Because we are local to the Philippines and have established a foothold in its real estate, we know the areas that may be of interest to any of our clients well and can act quickly upon whatever may come available there. We are constantly updating the property listings so that as you check out what is new, you will notice something you didn’t before. It also allows us to make recommendations you may not have thought of, because we know the neighborhood, have been able to track what is coming open, is currently available and worthwhile, as well as something that may not be worth considering based on your criteria.

Up To Date

Take a browse through our listings and you’ll see new and exciting properties being added constantly. And it’s a good idea to keep coming back as frequently as possible, because the market is always moving and changing so something that may be available today may not be available tomorrow. The consistent updates will help you stay on top of what is new and exciting in Philippines real estate. If something piques your interest, let us know so we can look into it for and with you.


New Development Listings


2,408 m2
Quantum Building developed by Greenfield Development Corporation
Quantum Building developed by Greenfield Development Corporation

The 30th Corporate Center (Paradigm)

2,460 m2
The 30th Corporate Center (Paradigm)
The 30th Corporate Center (Paradigm)


Avida Towers BGC 34th Street Tower 1 : Completion Date: September 1, 2016 Tower 2 : Comple ...
Avida Towers BGC 34th Street Tower 1 : Completion Date: September 1, 2016 Tower 2 : Completion Date: September 1, 2 ...
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