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Types of Handover Conditions

Posted by Dayanara Nacion on December 2, 2019
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Commercial real estate property comes with its own set of technicalities and jargon. As a guide, here are the types of the handover condition that will help you when choosing a space to lease for your business:

Bare shell is a type of handover condition, also known as “unfurnished” office space, where there is no existing wall partitions, ceiling and flooring. It only has the basic amenities installed in a building.

Many companies prefer bare shell as this gives them the liberty to design the unit according to their own set-up and allows them to maximize the office space to accommodate the changing requirements of the business.

Warm Shell is a type of handover condition with finished interiors, cooling and heating system, rest-rooms and plumbing, interior lighting, etc. Units with this type of handover are ready-to-use.

Furnished office spaces are the convenient option for all the small & mediums sized set up. In fully furnished spaces, everything is set where you can go on your office.

All you need to do is that, set your team and get started with the operations. May it be the work floor, furnishings, phone lines, internet connection, and the environment; everything will be set before the space is handed over to you. If you are looking for convenient way to lease or buy a space this one is for you.

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